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In a Crux About What Sunglasses to Buy

There are many things to consider when buying a pair of shades. Here are a few of my recommendations so you can make your choice.

Face shape In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of understanding face shape when deciding on styles. Depending on whether your lovely mug is round, triangular, square, heart-shaped, or rectangular will affect which styles will suit you best. Check out the blog to get more info.

Styles Another blog of mine covered the current trends and styles which in fashion in 2022. There are many styles that we didn’t discuss, but what matters most is choosing a style that suits your look. Our looks change many times in the day. You can go from the office to the beach to a sports event and a festival all in one day, and each event requires a different look. Subtle, bold, brave, eye-catching, glamorous, funky, and flash, with so many styles available, you’ll struggle to limit yourself to just one pair. Luckily for you, crux eyewear has an extensive range of styles for every occasion. All you have to do is make your choice.

Weight Weight is always an important thing to consider, especially if you’re using sunglasses for extended periods. If you’re planning to spend the whole day on the beach, you’ll want something light. If you’re going to a party and looking to grab attention, get something weighty and bold to get heads turning.

Practicality If you’re an adventure seeker, then get sunnies that can withstand heavy activity. If you’re delicate with every step, show that off with some embellished sunglasses that demonstrate your elegance.

Wear What Makes You Happy More than anything, wearing sunglasses that put a smile on your face is what matters most. They may not suit your face shape or style, but if they make you shine with happiness, that will radiate to everyone around. Sunglasses should match your character, whatever that is. You may be aggressive, sharp, outlandish, whacky, elegant, or dominant. Wearing what matches your persona allows your confidence to grow and expresses your true self which, eventually, is what fashion is all about.

Get protected Good sunglasses should protect your eyes. Whatever help you need with buying sunglasses, Shade the dog has got you covered. Get top recommendations on the latest styles, the best frames to fit your face shape, and a wide range of styles that will have you barking mad. Crux Eyewear has got everything you need so you can make your choice.

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