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Staying in with the Latest Trends

In a crux over what’s hot in 2023? Sit back and chill, Shade is here to give you the low down so you can #makeyourchoice and #problemsolved

Aviators Aviator sunglasses seem to be a timeless classic. Thin frames or chunky acetate, you’re sure to stay flying in high fashion with Aviators in 2023.

Retro Returns Cat-eyes are bringing back the 50’s. Be the coolest cat by the poolside with these sunnies and you’ll have all us dogs howling for more. Thin frames are also in the limelight without stealing the show if you’re looking for a more subtle classic look. The nostalgia of round glasses also seems to be unshakeable. Coloured lenses are sure to grab attention in 2023, as are embellishments if you want to be classy.

Clear Frame Clear frame sunglasses work so well because they go with everything. Clean and sophisticated, they match with everything and suit any occasion. Light tints in the frame offer an edge of difference.

Gradient Lenses Gradient lenses (dark from the top and lighter towards the bottom) are eye-catching and mysterious. They work well in mixed lighting. On the beach, indoors, or driving the car, these lenses are ideal in all situations.

Oversized Sunglasses Make your statement in 2023 with oversized shades in bold colours and styles. Protect your eyes with wide lenses and draw the looks with this glamorous look.

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